Feels like Spring

Last night Jbone and I called it an early night only after we had a flight of beers with a few friends.

This Dogfish head and I got along really well!

This morning Jbone and I went for a nice hike.  Weirdest thing ever, we came across what looked like someones house in the middle of the woods….weird I say!  The rest of the day was spent at my parents house.

You can for sure tell it’s spring time when you pass my parents house!  There are a ton of cars outside along with a ton of people just hanging out!  I love it!

When I got home tonight I looked at the pictures on my camera and I decided something…I’m pretty much in love with my brother’s family.  They are the cutest ever and I am so proud to be related to them!

Especially that baby!!

Tonight I have a serious case of the Sunday night blues.  Why can’t every day be the weekend?

I have a morning run planned for tomorrow.  Luckily for Jbone I plan on catching up on some sleep tonight too 😛



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