Surprising Run

Hiii!!!  Hope your having as good of a saturday as I am!

Right now I am icing my knee.  I just got back from a long run…. But let me start at the beginning…

The dress fitting this morning was amazing and I honestly think my Future Sis-in-Law and current BFF is going to be the most amazingly gorgeous bride ever.  Ever in history. even though she has no friends.

After the dress we went to complete our weekly trip at target followed by lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  They have a pretty awesome salad bar and really skinny, good for you spinach artichoke dip.  I need to remember that!
We finished our day with a little more shopping here.   I must be sick or something though because my biggest purchase was a box of coffee, thats it!  Who AM I?!

When I got home from shopping I had planned on going to the gym for some cardio but I didn’t feel like driving so I figured I would attempt my long run tonight.  I wanted a little over 10 miles.

When I finished and saw my time and distance I was really surprised.  I didn’t feel that strong while I was running and at times my feet were literally dragging because they were so tired from yesterday!

I can honestly say this is the first long run I have had that makes me really excited for the next few races I have planned.   I hope I really kick some butt and PR in at least one of them!

Jface’s sister just texted me breaking news!  THIS is now available!!  Guess what I am ordering as soon as I hit publish?!

I am going to finish icing my knee then I am off to go have dinner with J and a few friends and my awesome old lady compression socks.

Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight.  If you need help figuring out how it works, ask her…she knows a lot about the time change 😛



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