Yesterday was a cray-cray day.  Like, off the charts crazy!  I was so busy and there were a few bumps in the house road but now everything is a-ok.  All I know is that I am so proud of my roomster for holding it together like she did.  Yesterday was a tough day for her and she didn’t kill anyone.  +5 for you homegirl.

Last night I went to body pump.  I didn’t have time to run a few more miles like I had hoped but I think that’s a good thing.  I upped my weights again.  I want to make this “heavy” weight my “normal” weight.  Perrrrrrhaps I should have waited until my knee felt 100%?  It started to get swollen after squats so I went light on the lunges.  It hurts me now though so I don’t  think that’s a good thing.

After the gym I went with Jbone to his family’s house to celebrate Grampy’s 94th birthday!!

He is behind those candles somewhere, I swear!

This morning, look out the window.. It. Looks. Gorgeous.   Go outside.  Brrr!!

It is beautiful and sunny but just a little chilly!  I can’t wait for spring I tell ya!

Today I am heading out to hang with momma bear and the most beautiful bride to be.  We may or may not be going for a wedding dress fitting that I am soooo excited about!

Have a good saturday 🙂



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