Rare night

What happened last night… NEVER HAPPENS!

Last night I had a night of no plans.  NOTHING.  I mean, seriously?!  It was awesome and much needed.  All day I was pretty tired and gorgeous looking. 

I got home and decided to food shop before I ran because I was NOT in the mood to run.  I am totally glad I held my run off for a couple of hours because when it was time to get on the treadmill I was ready for it!

Yesterday was speedwork.  1 mile warm up, 3 one mile repeats with a 1/2 mile jog in between, 1 mile cool down.  It went something like this :

1 mile warm up.

First mile @ 7:18 thinking “I love running, this isn’t too hard.  I should speed it up.  No no, wait till the next couple”

Second mile @ 7:08 thinking “Oh this is kind of hard.  But at least I only have one more.. CRAP I’m out of breath”

Third mile @ 6:57 thinking “This is fast.  My calves, weird they feel tight. HARD HARD HARD”

The last mile I needed some help.  A good friend of mine told me about this thing he does, waving a finger in the air to get himself pumped up to finish. Well, that last mile I did a lot of finger waving.

I’m gorgeous.

6 miles in and done. Overall my run felt good.  My knee actually held up well too!  I iced for 20 minutes afterwards but it really feels good!

For dinner I made salad for Jface and I.  It was SO good.  Any kind of salad that includes pecans, feta and cranberries is SO good to me though, so that might not be saying much 😛

After dinner I also had some of this. I had never seen it until yesterday.  Do yourself a favor.  Go get some.  Now.

Yes, you read that right.  GREEK banana peanut butter frozen yogurt.  AMAZEBALLS!

I am so happy today is friday!  What about you?   I ran an easy 4 miles this morning and after work  I plan on running at least 2 more miles followed by body pump.  Lets see how my knee does!

Have a good day you little freaks 😛



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