Yesterday was a non stop day!  I barely had time to shower   hang with the pups let alone post!  oops!

Yesterdays weather was AMAZING!  I mean, I ran in shorts and a tank top.  Yes, tank top in March.  Dannnnng!  It was so beautiful.  Luckily I had my schweet new shades to block the sun.

Momma bear complained these hurt her so I traded a pair of ray bans for these.  I think I win 😉

Every time I bent down yesterday I noticed my knee felt a little strange.  Almost like there was something pulling at the tendons or…something, I don’t know!  I decided to stick to an easier run.  It was so amazing outside that I wanted to go further than the 5 miles I did but I tried to play it smart for my knee.

Let me first say that both of my knees usually hold some fluid and are generally puffy.  BUT, after my run yesterday the knee that was bothering me during the day was super swollen!

Showin' some wrinkles skin 😉

I decided to be smart about it, so I iced with frozen veggies while hanging outside with the dogs a bit longer.

After icing, I met a good friend for dinner at this place.  He is vegan so we decided this was the perfect choice.  I suck and have no pictures but I ordered a “chicken” cheese steak.  Now, everything is 100% vegan so it wasn’t really chicken.  The truth?  I didn’t love it.  I don’t know.  Something about fake meat.  Just not my thang!

I have another busy day in the works!  Hopefully the rain holds off until I get home and can do speedwork.  I might even be hardcore like her and take it to the track!

Have a fab day!



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