Interesting Attraction

While browsing the internet today I found an article on Glamour’s website that really got my attention.

Apparently there was an attraction at Epcot in Disney world that didn’t last long.  Granted, I didn’t see the attraction first hand, but every description I read made it seem as though it was Fat vs Fit.


According to Disney’s local newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel, the attraction is described:

“In the first of three interactive rooms, visitors confront (remote) Control Freak and blow up raining televisions. Next they take on Sweet Tooth and Snacker, and wage a food fight with video-arcade style guns that abolish junk food using healthy food as ammunition. Broccoli and apples knock out cream puffs and hot dogs.

Finally, the group upends Lead Bottom in a room where Just Dance-style technology gets everyone moving. Each guest stands in his or her own spotlight and gets down while heart rates get up.

Upon exiting, kids can have their photo captured and emailed to them. Those who want to continue the fight back home can use their photo to create an avatar at, where they can confront 25 more bad habits.”

The ride has since been closed down due to complaints from various fat-acceptance groups.

I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing.  I think that obesity is/has become an issue in the US…But I can also see how someone would be offended by this attraction.

When J and I were in Disney, we noticed that there were scooters available for renting.  Now, this is totally just a judgement on my behalf and I didn’t know or speak to anyone on the rental scooters but for the most part, based on looks alone…. The majority of the people with a scooter appeared to be very much overweight.  While there was the occasional crutch carrying person or senior citizen, most people seemed to very large.  Now, this is completely an observation and I don’t know the stories of anyone so I could be wrong.

I think weight is a touchy subject for most anyone, so it’s surprising to me that Disney would support an attraction like this.  I am not sure what I think about all of this.

What are your thoughts?


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