Dot Com

Monday, here and gone.  Thank goodness it’s gone, no?


After work I quickly headed over to the gym to set up for BodyPump.  No joke, I was there almost 30 minutes early and got the last spot.  DANG.

By the time I was set up I had a little less than 20 minutes until class started.  I planned on not running and doing the elliptical but I wanted to get my sweat on, so the treadmill won.  I did about 2.5 fast miles before I went to class.  Today I upped my squat weight and dannggg I was feeling it!  Tomorrow should be interesting 😉   I love working out.  Did you know that?! 😛

Clearly I am new at this whole blogging thing.  I mean, I feel like I still have a lot to learn and a lot more I want to add to the site. One new thing that my computer geek smart manfriend suggested was getting my own domain name. Now… Not only can you find your favorite blog at… but also at  HOLLA

movin’ on up in the world!

I am working on a post for you for the next few days.  I am putting a lot of time into it so you better goddang appreciate it so I am hoping you love it the most.

See you tomorrow after an all too early run!



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