Good Morning Sunshines 😀

Right now I am out running a 9mileish run and then I have a fun day planned!  For now, I am going to tell you about the shoes, like I promised.

It took some time to find them, but for the past 3 or so years I have run in the same style shoe.  Always.   Asics DS Trainers.  I like a lighter shoe that doesn’t have too much cushioning.   I tend to find when a shoe has too much cushioning the outsides of my feet hurt.  DS Trainers have never let me down.  On the website, they are described as: “Legendary for its lightweight supportive ride, this trainer is better than ever. Light enough for training and racing.”

A comfortable running shoe is so important.  Poor shoes can lead to not only bad, uncomfortable runs but also injuries.

DS Trainer

These are the current pair I am running in.  I don’t love the colors this release but they are still as comfortable as ever.

Recently I went to my favorite running store and was told about the new Noosa sneakers.  One of the workers, and most knowledgeable runners I know, described them as the newer, better version of the DS Trainers.  The first thing I thought was “can a running shoe get better than this!?”  The colors are AWESOME too, so clearly I splurged and strayed from the norm.  I mean, they even glow in the dark for goodness sake!  After YEARS of running in DS trainers I figured I would give new shoes a chance.

The website describes the Noosas as “Designed for quick transitions, maximum breathability, and a lightweight, stable ride.”  Clearly they are TRI sneakers but it’s ok with me.  They are still light enough to seem comfortable.

Gel Noosa Tri 7

I don’t usually run longer than 3-4 miles at a time in new sneakers until I feel like they are really broken in.  I’m strange.  I did, however, give these bad boys a run for their money (i don’t think i really understand that phrase so i hope i used it correctly) and did a long run in them.  10 miles and my feet felt good!

After a couple more days of running in them, alternating between the DS Trainers and the Noosas, I started to get some pain near the arch of my one foot.  I am not sure what the deal is.  I am planning on running in my DS trainers tomorrow and going back to a few shorter runs this week in the Noosa sneakers.  I hope that I just need to break them in more.

Overall, I would say that I don’t mind the Noosa’s and I am hoping the arch pain was just a random ache.  I will definitely keep running in them while still alternating with the DS Trainers.  The Noosa’s have awesome colors on them but you can always spray paint old shoes and add a coat of glitter for fun too, no?

Jessie's shoes from Disney Race

I am not an expert in anything sneakers, so take what I say with a grain of salt.  I think that if you found a shoe you love, stick with them!  I hope I start to love my Noosa’s!

Happy Running!!


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