Success.  That’s today!

First, I ran.  9 miles.  And tackled this hill.  The picture does it no justice.

Then I got home and drank a lot while getting ready.


Now, the good stuff.   Today was my best friends shower!!! All the crafts and secrets are OVER!  We celebrated Sam and her soon to be marriage to my brother.

I think it went good!  Red velvet cupcakes, candy bar favors and CHAMPAGNE fountain!  How could it not go good.  I tried to hook a sister up with the champagne, we alllll know sam like her bubbly 😉

The shower went quick.  We didn’t do a traditional shower.  We had everyone keep the gift unwrapped, so it was a display shower and there was no opening gifts.  We also didn’t play any games.  We wanted to keep it more low-key so everyone had more time to enjoy themselves and time with the Bride-to-be.  I hope everyone really had a good time!

I had say something to everyone.  um.  I AM SO AWKWARD.  Just a quick “Thank you for coming” made me red and blotchy.  My grandmother even pointed out to me that it took some time for the color to come back to my face…. thanks gram 🙂 I am supposed to give a speech at the wedding too.  I am breaking out in hives just thinking about it!  I better get started on that now!

I hope you had a great day Sam!  Love you

And special thanks to momma bear…couldn’t have done ANY of this without you!

I’m off to go spend some time with Jface, I miss that guy 🙂



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