Busy Rest Day

I love me some Saturdays with my ladies 😀

Today was so stinkin busy! I first woke up to warm weather really wanting to run but I did good and stuck to my “Rest Day” Schedule.  The pups and I packed up the car and headed to my moms.  Why do my dogs hate the car so much?  They both got a bunch of car rides when they were little but they still hate it!

They are thrilled

I got to my mom’s house and we took care of some secret business and i know how much you love secrets.

We met up with sam and baby for lunch and I had some quality time with my favorite baby.

After lunch we all took turns tanning.  While it was my turn to hang with the sleeping baby, I downed a caramel almond iced coffee and read some of the runners world.  Was caramel iced coffee good?  If you like raspberries, yes.  Strange, I know, but it tasted like berries!

I never got to finish reading. I need that magazine, now.  Slull, hook a sister up!

Tonight I am spending the night at my parents.  Jbone wanted to enjoy a day of being a bachelor and drink a midday chocolate martini, so manly had plans tonight so I opted for a night with my parents!  Doesn’t hurt that they have twizzlers and ice cream sandwiches on hand all the time.


See you tomorrow!



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