Smart Coach


I said that when I got back from vacation I would try and train smart.  What better way than to use a SMART coach app on my phone?!  Duh!

These were the options I chose :

Train 31-35 miles a week

Half Marathon time 1:49 ( that is my goal)

6 week training plan (race is on April 15)

Long runs on Sunday

Overall it looks like 3 days of easy runs (9:00 pace or slower), One speed day and one long run day.  I also plan on fitting in 2 days of Body Pump and HOPEFULLY yoga.   I am hoping to stick to this.  6 weeks.  That’s it.  I can do 6 weeks of anything!  Lets see if I can accomplish my goal and NOT overdo it!

Today was a rest day.  Tomorrow I will do an easy 5  miles.  I am going to try and stick to the plan as much as possible but make exceptions for nice days when I want to run a little longer than planned.  As long as I stay close to the scheduled milage but on the right pace, I will be happy!

Wish me luck  😛



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