We’re having fun, I swear

Greetings from the most MAGICAL place on earth!

WE’RE HERE!  Finally 😎

Yesterday we ate walked our faces off.  We explored Epcot for a LONG time.  We left Epcot, went back to Epcot, walked a lot and now….we’re tired.  Totally worth it though!

Doesn’t it look like we are having fun?

Jface and I are known to not make nice smiley faces when taking pictures.  EVER expcept for just this once. Yesterday he wanted to try something new.  I mean, I think it’s funny but I don’t see it sticking around for too long… funny faces are way better 😛

We had planned on staying out later than normal last night but we were both beat.  Bed was calling our names around 9.

Yesterday was such a success…. I even got some sun!!!  Now we are hanging out waiting for the rest of the bunch to go to the expo! Can’t wait to see all the Princesses 😀



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