Smarter and She’s off

Hi Friends!

First, I have to share with you this AWESOME website I found the other day. Athlinks is a website…more of a database, that keeps track of times from different races.  Not every race is on there, but pretty dang close.  I was able to look at my time from my first ever race in 2006.  Its pretty awesome.

I have been thinking about my training lately.  I have a pretty solid base, but I don’t think I am training smart.  I don’t follow a set schedule, I don’t make sure I get key runs in every week (in my brain, the key runs are long, speed, hills and recovery).   I definitely get the longerish runs in but I am not strict about the others.  I think lately a majority of my runs have been hard runs.  That’s not training smart.

In order to be faster, I need to train smarter.  Starting next week (remember, I am a fan of fresh start Monday) I am going to try to come up with a training plan and stick to it.  It will give me the weekend to go over it 50 billion times and revise it 45 more times.

I want to keep a long run on the weekend but also include running to the track for speed work, a hill day (and there are plenty of hills around where I live), an easy day and a day to run how I feel.

I like to run, that’s no secret, but I also like to see progress.  I think at the rate I am going with my training, I won’t see much progress unless I do it smarter.

I will for sure keep you in the loop and share my final workout plan once it’s completed.

As for now…. I am off to make a repeat performance of this….

See you in Orlando 🙂



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