Game Face

Guess what?!?!


my "Eff-yea-no-more-work" face

Yesterday afternoon I was a tired bear.   I got home and planned on napping but knew I would wake up a cranky B.  So instead I hung out with my Besties.  The only reason I gave my dogs human names is so I don’t look completely weird when I tell people I spend all my time with Jake and Lola.

Seriously, look at how cute those suckers are!

For our walk I brought along some coffee since I skipped my nap.

You need to try the french toast coffee if you have a Keurig.  Dude, so delish.

After my walk yesterday I went for a run.   I let the house with no watch or phone and didn’t even notice the time when I left.  I went a completely new route and just ran.  It felt so nice.  I don’t know how slow or fast I went, but that was the point.  Just to run… No pressure, no time, no music…just run.   CLEARLY I am a freak and had to know how far I went so I mapped it out as soon as I got home.  4.5 miles.  Thats the perfect in between distance for days when I just want a nice easy run.

This morning I woke up and did speed work on the treadmill.  I did five 800’s.  After 2 I was like “wow, this is nice, I think I will do 6.”  After 3 I was like ” KILL ME, MAKE IT STOP.”  I met in the middle and completed 5 800’s.   With warm up, cool down and the walking in between the sprinting, I did a little over 4 miles.

I used to do  speed work at a track with one of the best coaches ever.  We were hardcore.  She always pushed me to my max and I think it really helped me a ton!  We live farther away from each other now so it isn’t possible, but I am hoping that next week I can make it to the track to do some speed work OUTSIDE.

I am gonna go get my vacation on.  And I guess I should start packing!

Body pump is on the agenda for tonight!  Followed by the celebratory vacation brew or two 🙂



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