Hey Boo Boo

Happy Day 🙂

I hope you had off today.  I only had to work for a couple of hours and THOROUGHLY enjoyed my hours of NOT working!

After I got home from work, J and I took the pups up to the state park in our area and went for a walk.  Or a hike.  I don’t know what to call it.

Clearly we had fun!  Jake loves being off the leash and exploring new areas.  And Lola…well, She is special.  But at least she stays RIGHT by my side so I always know where she is!

It was a beauuuutifully sunny day so I was happy to get lots of fresh air.  While in the woods, Jbird and I started talking like Yogi Bear.  Not sure why.  Apparently I sound like yogi from Jersey. Bah.  At one point J even made this SAME exact pose

STRANGE.  J… you and yogi have a lot in common 😛

After a nice long wike (walk and hike combined, duh) I came home and went for a run.  5 miles in the sun.  yes. please!  It was a nice easy run.  My running app was acting weird again and it said I did 6.6 miles in 40 minutes. wrong.  I know the route I ran was exactly 5 miles and it took 40 minutes.  I’m happy with that 🙂

I hit up a bodypump class at the gym today.  Mondays the class is MEGA packed so I went early to set up and had time to kill so I did 2 more miles on the treadmill.  Let me tell you, during the lunge track today my legs were feeling all the walking and running I did!

In other news, I got a new camera.  I hoping to start using it more often and providing quality pictures rather than the typical cell phone shot.  I mean, you KNOW there will still be cell phone shots, just hopefully not as much.

Hope you all had a fabulish day!  Short week for this girl!  Is it Thursday yet?!



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