Love Drunk

Hey Muffins!

Yesterday was such a good day.  I was high on life all day!

I got home and quickly made some surprise cupcakes for jbone.  Then I set up the kitchen table with all the treats I got him: cupcakes, personalized cookies and birthday oreos.

Apparently I am trying to fatten that guy up.  Luckily for me Unfortunately Jbird said he doesn’t love chocolate icing…. Guess I will have to take care of them 😉

During the day, J asked to see my AWESOME flowers he had sent to me.  Clearly, I love them so much I must eat them?

After a nice dinner and some quality time together, we went to bed early.

When my alarmS went off this morning I headed to the treadmill.

3 alarms, just in case

6 miles this morning.  See, I told you it was all a mind game!

Tonight I have plans to hang with momma bear!  Hope you have a great day!!



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