Expectations, Love and Mind Games

Happy Lovers Day you little love birds!
The title of this post is the most deceiving ever!  But don’t worry, Jbone isn’t in the dog house.  The post title is all different topics 😛

Last night I went to the gym to take my favorite BodyPump.  It was a jam packed class!  I was literally the last person able to get a spot. I even got the last bar!  It was nuts.  Next time I know to get there earlier!  Still, the class was good and I missed it oh so much!

I stayed to take spin after BP. I did NOT like the spin class.  It was not a tough workout.  I wanted to give my legs a break from running and thought I would get my sweat on with spinning.  The instructor talked to the other people in the class..the whole time.  A little talk is good but I almost felt as though I was doing my own spin workout to someone else’s poor choice of music.  The most instruction we got the whole class was “Sprint” or “Climb.”  Every other song alternated from slow to fast, there were no surprises.  I wasn’t a fan and actually considered leaving since I was so bored.

Are my expectations too high?  Did I expect too much out of the spin class?  Shouldn’t I expect good things from the gym I go to?  I mean, I pay a pretty penny to go there each month and spend a lot of time there.  I take these classes to be challenged in different ways, not so that I can be bored because I can do that on my own.   Now, this is something that Jbird pointed out to me…and I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.  Should I lower my expectations?


This morning I went down stairs to turn the coffee pot on and found this

A new mug and card from Jlove. I dare you to tell me I am not the luckiest ever.  How freakin’ cute is that!  He snuck it there last night after I went to bed.  I love that dude.   Made my day.  Not only did I use it this morning….but it wasn’t until after I drank a full cup of coffee that I realized the writing on the bottom.. “forever”  GOSH I am such a mush this morning!


I did run this morning, despite all the lovey dovey oowey gooey stuff.  I got on the treadmill and was over it.  I made it to mile 3 and my mind said “STOP” but my body felt good!  I had intentions of running 5.  I wimped out.  I only got 4 miles in.  My mind got the best of me this morning.  It’s amazing how running is just as much mental as it is physical.  It has been a while since I have had a day where my brain won.  Next time, it’s on.  And I won’t lose 😛

Hope you all have a love filled day!

ps- special HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my two favorite people, my bff and my brother!  Love you two!



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