At Last

I am so sad to see the weekend go!  It was relaxing but not long enough.

Before the comedy show last night, Jbird and I hung at home for a bit.  He got to be serenaded by me singing with my good voice while he sat acting all proper and flamboyant.

This morning I woke up with no real plans, so I let myself sleep until the late our of 7:30. #badass.

I lounged around for a while with the dog and J before I hit the road.  I was worried about this mornings run.  I lifted heavy on legs yesterday and wasn’t sure I would be feeling up to a long run.  A little over 11 miles in the books! I felt great.  When I finished I was actually a little disappointed I didn’t keep running, I felt that good.  Once I finished, I refueled with a BUNCH of chocolate milk.  So. Delicious.  Perfect sunday morning!  Dogs, ManFriend, Run, Chocolate milk.  PERRRfect.

This afternoon I ventured our for a pedicure.  FINALLY.  I haven’t had one in MONTHS.  I felt badddd for the poor lady that had to work on my stank feet.  It was so incredibly relaxing though!  I brought my book, some water and just hung out.  I even let the polish dry all the way. That never happens.  That’s when you know I was there for a while.

After a nap this afternoon I headed to J’s house for dinner with the family. I am proud to say that this was another successful dinner in the books. I even had fettuccini alfredo for the first time.  Why have I waited 26 years to try something so delicious?!

Now I am off to cuddle with the pups and crash….hard.   Early wake up tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!



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