Virtual Run

A few weeks ago a story broke about a runner in Montana that went for her typical morning run and she never returned.  This story really had an impact on me.

I never considered the dangers of running.  I run.  And most of the time when I run outside, I don’t give  second thought to trying new paths, listening to music, or even not telling people where I will be.  This story has brought running safety into a whole new light for me.  And I hope it does for every other runner out there too.

Today, February 11, there is a virtual run for Sherry.  Everything I have read says to place one of the bibs on and run at 9:00 am.

I am heading to the gym this morning and today, today I will be running for Sherry.  I will be dedicating the miles I run to her.  I hope that you have the chance to do something today: spin, walk, hike, run, swim….anything. I hope today you have the chance to participate in the virtual run for sherry.

Here are a few running safety tips.  Most seem pretty much common sense, but it’s worth a read anyways.

Have a good run!


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