Hurts so good

Hey Friends!

Last night was perfect.   I ran a quick 8 miles on my treadmill…while watching Greys.  Pure bliss!  Then I showered and didn’t have to put jeans on.  Jbone suggested pizza and beer at home.   He asked “are you sure you’re ok with that?”  Um, HULLO…do you NOT know who you are talking too!  I baked some pumpkin spice cookies (with some doggy help) to finish off a perfectly well balanced meal: Pizza, white wine and cookies.  ALL in my pajamas. That is what heaven must be like.

I am sure you are thinking ” Wow, I really hope GM found a new gym with body pump.”  Well.. your dream came true!  And I am happy all over again!  I went to a new gym this morning. One that offers Body Pump and GREAT service.

Joining a gym that I like is really important to me, considering I plan on spending a few hours there a week.  The prices were great, the clientele is a little older so I don’t to worry about too many creepers and they have everything I want from yoga and spin to my beloved body pump!  This morning I went and not only got a new membership but also got a butt kicking!  I ran 5 miles on their treadmill before class then lifted.  It was so nice to lift.  I had only been 2 weeks but I was starting to see the difference in my muscles from not bodypumping.  I am gonna have a hard time walking tomorrow…totally worth it though!

After I went to the gym I rushed home to get ready.  I was getting my hair did!

I am just the epitome of beauty.

I went to a new stylist and was worried about leaving with green locks. Nope.  The girl did a great job and I am so pumped about not having nasty roots anymore!

Then I made a pit stop at starbucks while I ran some errands.


Tonight I am hoping to go out on the town to celebrate a friends birthday!  Comedy club and some drinks?! Sign me up!

Have a good is Saturday for goodness sake 😛



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