That was almost awkward

Running is a funny thing sometimes.  You can feel so good some days and so bad others.  Today.  Today I felt SO GOOD.  I don’t even know who I am anymore and i really like this new me!  I got home from work and it was super sunny.  Sun= Shorts?  I threw on shorts and went for a run in shorts.   Shorts! Um, hullo!! It’s February, isn’t it?!  Man, I love this mild winter!
I got home from running and was SHOCKED.

No, you aren’t seeing things.  I ran under an 8 minute mile for 7 WHOLE miles.  holy crap.  I am pumped about that run.  BUT.. tomorrow I think my legs don’t want to run.  My IT band was starting to get really tight towards the end of the run.  Hopefully a little rest tomorrow will do me good.

Funny story.  A dude honked at me while I was running.  My instant reaction is to flip him off.  I am so nice.  I thought it was Jbones brother-in-law though, so I stopped myself.  I finished running and texted the brother-in-law about the almost bird flip… WASNT HIM.  Guess who it was?!  My neighbor.  That could have been weird if I did actually flip him off, huh?  HAHhaha I’m the worst.

I got home and HOUSED some chili and half a sleeve of Ritz.  Note to self:  Whole wheat Ritz are not nearly as good regular!

I found this add in the new Runners World magazine that I thought was cool.  I am guessing that the “Who’s Yoga?” is because they are typically known as a yoga company.  But since I am currently obsessing over this I thought I would share.

Tonight I am off to the foodstore with the dude and hopefully I can chill and read a bit too!

Have a good night!!



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