Happy Monday 😀

Guess what?!

Tuck + Eli = Love

HECK YEA MAN!  I am one happy girl! I may or may not have fallen asleep for most of the 3rd quarter but good thing I have an amazing dude.  Homeboy woke me up to watch the end of the game.  I love me some Giants!!!

The only bad thing about last night…. I over indulged.  I was a glutton.  And now.  I have the worst kind of hangover : A food hangover.  barf.  I mean, the amount of chocolate chex mix stuff I ate should be illegal.  Oh, and pepperjack tostitos too.  Needless to say I am sticking to LOT of water and produce for the day!

I am hoping for a SUNNY run later today.  Not sure about weights though.  I refuse to take the horrible class that is supposed to replace body pump.  There is a killer 100 workout I have written out somewhere….Dare I do that?!

Have a happy day 🙂



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