Long run Sunday

Happy Sunday 😀

Last night was perfect.  It consisted of hanging with my parents until about 9 then crashing in my old bed with the pups.  It was just what I needed.  I feel like last week I was so busy!  Another quiet night had me feeling much better this morning!

Everyone is happy

This morning I got up and got ready to run.  Me, mom, dad, sam and baby all made our way into town.  We each had a run in mind.  Mom and Sam were doing 6.  Dad was walking with the babe-0 and me… I was just going to see how I feel.   My legs were tired and I didn’t feel like it.  I ended up choosing an out and back route.

WOW!  Apparently I am the fastest person on earth or my run keeper app isn’t working.  I did a total of about 11 miles in 90 minutes.  Not too bad.  There were SO many people running today.  I must have seen someone every couple of miles.  It was great.  I love living in an area where there are always runners out on Sundays!
I just got back to my parents house!  The girls are headed to Target now before I head back to my house. Don’t forget to watch the game tonight, and make sure you root for the BETTER team!! 😛




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