Say it ain’t so

Hallelujah for the weekend.   I mean, my alarm was still set for 5:30 this morning but at least I am still in my pajamas!

Last night was a good night.  Not great because there was no Jlove involved.  But still good nonetheless!

I went to the gym.  Ran 6 miles.  6 tough miles.  I ran fast.  Had the treadmill at 7.4 and above the whole time.  It wasn’t like I was out of breath the whole time, I just think it was more of a mental thing.  Oh well.  DONE!  Then I went to happy hour yoga.  I love starting my weekend with that class.  I still have crap balance but I like it!

Schweet Shirt

I wore that shirt to the gym last night.  I felt silly but I love the saying on the back.  Whatever, I’m a dork shut up about it.

This morning I am heading to the gym.  I am hoping for 5 miles followed by FAKE body pump.  Mmhm.  You read that right… FAKE.

My gym took body pump off the schedule.  I was heartbroken when I saw this.  Honestly, I already researched other nearby gyms that I can join just for my beloved BP.   Today I will be taking Muscle Works.  I am told it is choreographed strength training just like BP.  I don’t know.  I don’t have the best attitude going into it.  Hopefully the prove me wrong and this class rocks!

I have a day full of shopping with my favorite ladies and most importantly my favoritest  bride-to-be!!!  🙂



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