Liar liar pants on fire

LIES.  Lies lies all lies.  My gym is a liar.  And I am NOT happy about it.   Fake body pump?  NO.  It should be called “nothing like body pump at all.”   That would be more right.

I went to the gym this morning and did 5 miles.  It was tough mentally.  I kept trying to talk myself into stopping.  I am glad I didn’t.  5 in and done.  Then…then I went to the class.   I was expecting it to be very similar to body pump.  The first move the instructor did? The most dramatic shoulder rolls EVER.  From that second I was over it.  It was a long 60 minutes.  I actually ended up cleaning my place and leaving a little early.  Now thinking about it, it was probably rude but I was so mad.

Even the amount of weights needed to set up was nothing like bodypump.  Oh well.  I did do some searching and found another gym that is close to me and offers my favorite class.  Looks like I’m moving!

The rest of the day I hung with the girls and had a SUPER successful shopping trip. I got my bridesmaid dress AND 8$ shoes. WINNER!

Now I am housing a peanut butter and banana sandwich with 45 twizzlers at my parents for the night.

Feels like Sunday on a Saturday!  I like it!!  Hope you have a good night 😀



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