Self Control

WOWZA yesterday I was busy.  Really, the past two days I was non stop!  I am SO looking forward to a quiet weekend!!

Yesterday I had apparently had a day where I couldn’t control what food went in my mouth.

Before I started on that jar there was about 1/4 left.  Safe to say, way more than 1 serving!

Then I ate every piece of fruit I could find.  Someone even mentioned to me that I might be eating TOO much fruit therefore getting too much sugar in my diet.  fact.

Apple in my teeth. saving for later obvs

I guess if I am going to eat too much sugar, it’s better that it comes from fruit rather than the preferred skittles.

I had my two favorite girls visit me yesterday and after some shopping we went to Olive Garden.  Those breadsticks are DANGERous.  Not only for the princess, but for me too!

Love them!

Tonight I am hoping for a few miles on the treadmill and some happy hour yoga.  After that, you can find me planted on the couch watching some of my favorite shows!

Make it a great day 🙂



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