A Months Progress and A Princess

When I first started this blog I thought it was so ridiculous.  I didn’t tell anyone for a while.  When people started finding out I was embarassed.  I am not sure what of, but i felt really silly.

Now that I have been writing for a few weeks I looked back and realized that I have tracked my running for an entire month.  I have been running for a few years and never tracked my mileage. DUDE.   I am pumped.  I love looking back and seeing the miles I have run the past month.  I am over 100 miles in January.  For some that isn’t a huge deal, but for me I feel pretty proud of that!

Its small but you get the idea… 113.5 miles!

Now on to more important business….  At the end of the month I am going to Florida for a long weekend (hallelujah!). Me, my mom and Slull are running the Disney Princess Half.  I CANT WAIT!

My only issue is… I don’t know who to be!  I need to start working on a costume.  Last time I was Ariel, Sam was Belle and mom was Cinderella.   Since my couldn’t run, her costume is the same.  And Sam is going to be the most perfect Pocahontas.  Now, Who will I be?!  I want something unique, if that’s possible?  HELP!

Last time was SO much fun, I am really looking forward to it!  Hey, a few days off of work and time in the sun doesn’t hurt either 😉



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