Thick and Thin

TGIAF (read:thank god its almost friday)

This has been a week of weeks.  I am still sick and can’t stop complaining.  I have had a few good runs though, so that makes me happy.  No lifting this week. Is that a good thing maybe?  A rest week of sorts?  I will take it as that and hope to get back at it on Saturday.

I am planning on running this afternoon, after a MONSTER nap.  I am hoping for 6-7 miles.  Smart?  Maybe not.  Do I care?  Maybe not.

I want to wish 2 of my favoritest people the happiest of anniversaries.  TWENTYSEVENYEARSHOLYSHIT!  27. That’s a lifetime.  Through thick and thin you guys have been there for each other, as an example to us (ry,slull,me) all.  Thanks for being you and proving love can last even after all these years!  Happy Anniversary you little love bugs!

Ain't no thang



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