Food and a Princess

I am not better better, but I am getting there.   Sleep helps.  Oh, and food.

I left work a little early to squeeze a nap in.  I woke up feeling a little stressed for some reason.  I hopped on my moms treadmill and went to town.  Dude—talk about a nice treadmill.  I think it was actually easier than normal.  Is that possible?  Did the treadmill just run FOR me?  I need one.  Now.

5 miles in and I wanted to keep going.  I knew it wasn’t the smartest idea though.  Instead, I ate.  a LOT.

It was all in celebration of my favorite girl’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!

Come on, do I not have the cutest niece ever!?!  Gosh, I love that little kid!
Her birthday is actually tomorrow but tonight was the only night of the week my whole family could get together.  There was lots of pizza, salad and cake to be had.  Princess Ryann was like a crack head eating her cake, a girl after my own heart!  I am so proud of my 1 year old niece, and my brother and SIL.  They are great parents to a great girl.  I am so stinkin’ lucky!

I am now going to pass out in a food coma.  Lets hope tomorrow I feel even betterER than I did tonight!  🙂



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