I hate being sick.  Hate it. HAYTUH ITUH.  I am a baby when I am sick.  I constantly talk about how I don’t feel good. I am the worst to be around.  Worst.

Guess what… I have a cold.  I don’t get sick very often so now that I am, I feel like my world is turned upside down.  I have had plans for bodypump tonight.  Doesn’t….whoEVER decides I get sick, know this?  I don’t have time to again this week.  I am not a happy camper right now.  I mean, I don’t even have an appetite, I had to MAKE myself eat…. that neeeever happens! Who am I?!

Most of my day looked like a similar version of this

nose blow and hydrate - not at the same time

I didn’t do any exercise today. Nothing.  I feel so guilty about it.  I am being a freak, I know…But I was on a good streak and feeling so good and strong.  I know this is my bodies way of telling me I need rest, so rest is what I will do.   I am hopeful that tomorrow morning I will get a few miles in before work– a few slow easy miles, but a few miles nonetheless…. wish me luck!

The rest of my night will consist of snorting vicks tissues and laying in bed.

Lets hope I wake up better than ever tomorrow!  :-/



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