Good and Bad

Monday, we meet again.  I woke up hating and loving today.  How is that possible?  Well, when my alarm went off I was planning on running…

BOOM. I feel like I was hit by a truck.  I am stuffy and my head feels like it’s in a fog.  worst EVARRRRRRRRR. No run, extra hour of sleep instead!

good news is…..


I woke up to a text from jdude saying “GIANTS WIN!”  Gosh, he is a keeper.  I am pretty pumped about yesterdays winners. I was rooting for the Patriots, so I am all around happy!  WOOP WOOP.
Dinner was good last night. I love sunday family time, especially this girl!

She is happy about the Giants W too 🙂

I read a few interesting things online this morning.  This article has a lot of good points, especially #24.  Oh, and can you believe  this? Wonder what my girl LC has to say!

I am hoping to make it to bodypump tonight.  I was planning on a rest day tomorrow, so I want a couple miles in today too.  Hope I don’t die….. if I do, J- you get Lola, you’re welcome.

Have a happy Monday 😉



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