Sunday Lovin’

I love sundays.  Just, they are great.

I went to the gym this morning with intentions of doing the elliptal while jlove lifted.  The treadmill was calling my name.  4 fast miles in and done.  Might not have been the best idea though, because now my quad is bothering  me a little.  No running for this gal tomorrow.

After the gym I ran a few errands then came home and was in the mood to bake.  Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? Ok!  I think I have used this recipe in the past and I liked it AGAIN today.

I always burn cookies.  ALWAYS.  Today I did a little better. Only a little burnt.

I also had some company while baking….

Gosh, they are seriously the best.  Jbone surprised me with awesome flowers today while I was baking too!  I am so lucky.

Crap Pic, Awesome Flowers

Sunday dinner with the family tonight, Hibachi style!!!  Enjoy the last bit of the weekend….and don’t forget to cheer on the G-Men tonight!!!!!!! 😀



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