FINALLY!!!  White stuff.  The snow came.  It’s the end of January and we finally got our first few inches of snow this winter.

After yoga last night, I super carbo-loaded with a brewski and a basket of fries.  yes….a basket.  all to myself. It was glorious.  Unfortunately I ate them too quick and there was no time for pictures.

I woke up this morning really looking forward to bodypump.  Too bad, too sad for me.  I left the house too late. By the time I would have gotten to the gym I would have had to go into class late.  I don’t do that. I like to draw the least amount of attention to myself, sooooo I decided to do my long run today and give myself tomorrow to sleep in.

This is where the snow felt bittersweet.  I was happy to have an excuse to hang out and not do much today.  But at the same time, 10 miles…on a treadmill?  HA.  oh well.  It had to be done.  Luckily I had 2 shows I wanted to watch so I knew that would pass the time.  Note to self: I cry during EVERY episode of Greys Anatomy.  Don’t run and watch that show.  Lesson learned.

I rigged my computer so I could have my headphones in it during the run.  After Greys and Jersey shore I was done. Perfect timing.

I have to be honest though…the run on the treadmill wasn’t bad at all.  Watching tv really helped.  I mean, I would even do it again!  For realz.

I spent most of the day so far just lounging with the dude.  Not sure what is on the agenda for tonight!  I hope everyone is taking advantage of the weekend 🙂  see ya!



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