Angry Eats

So, yesterday was a weird day. Not my best for some reason.  Around lunchtime I became ANGRY.  For no reason.  I was cranky but MADDDD.  Mad a the world and I couldn’t figure out why.   But I was not a pleasant person.

The only practical thing I could think of to cure my pissy mood was to eat.  Lots of horrible, disgusting food.  So, that’s what I did.  I ate a grilled cheese with a LOT of ketchup and chips.  I brought with me a healthy salad and yogurt but that just was NOT gonna cut it.  The only logical thing to do after eating a disgusting lunch, would be eat some more.


I threw in a peanut butter cup cookie for good measure.   That helped out.  I was finally feeling a little better.

I got home and wanted to run a couple more miles before meeting my parents for dinner.  I ran 2 miles in a little more than 17 minutes.  It was not easy, my legs were REALLY tired from the morning.  While running I got a call from my parents, they were stuck at work .  NOT what I wanted to hear.  I was apparently rushing for no reason.  Since I became pissy all over again, I blew off some steam by doing a quick circuit workout.  It looked like this…

legs on fiya

I was finally feeling better.  I had panera for dinner again, soup and salad this time.

I was dead tired. I read a while before going to bed.

Please check out the way Lola is looking at me.  Like I am in HER way.  Oh that dog, she is too stinkin’ cute.

I am a HAPPY girl that it’s friday.  Happy Hour yoga after work and a weekend of hoping for tons of snow and lots of home time.  Make it a good day 🙂



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