Schweet Socks

Remember when I said I was running in the morning.  HA.  I am a liar.   I woke up a little sore and figured I needed to get more miles in OUTSIDE so I checked the weather.  90% chance of SUNSHINE.  Decided to wait on my run to enjoy the cold sun.

At work I got a phone call from someone that was hangry crank.   I sent them the almighty HAND that is known, in my family, to take away any crank you have.

I bet it worked well.   I on the other hand was a little hungry come lunchtime as well.  So I ate a LOT of food.  All healthy food, just a LOT of it.

sneaky cellphone pic #win

On my drive home I kept thinking how awesome my run was gonna be since it was so sunny.  APPARENTLY it was only sunny at work.  On my drive home I noticed that my area looked DARK.  No bueno

Whatever.  I had to run so I just sucked it up and ran.  It wasn’t that bad. I mean, it would have been better if the sun was out but I still felt good.  4 Miles with a dog.   And awesome apparel to go with 😛

Hot date tonight… Panera and the book store. Be jealous 😉



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