Dog Lovin’

Pretty good day in the bag for this beauty girl.

On my way home from work I was crashing HARD.  I talked myself in and out of going to the gym 10 times.  But I am so glad I went.  Bodypump KILLED me tonight. Not sure why but I am dying now.  I left the class feeling like I could have had a better workout.  No no, apparently I did have a great workout because it hurts to lift my arms…true story bro.  I also got the great news that my gym now offers bodypump saturdays too.  HALLELUJAH!!!!!

I got home from the gym hangry. What could be more appetizing than a cucumber, pepper and veggie cream cheese sandwich?

#1 Photographer

Now I am hanging out with the dogs.  I thought I would share with you how I typically hang out with Jake and Lola.

My life

I need you to listen to Jason Mrazs’ “I won’t give up”   Right now.  NOW.  Listen.  Amazing song with amazing lyrics.

Now it’s bedtime!  Running before work tomorrow!  Sleep tight!!



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