Running Fail

Monday turned out ok.  Lies.  I was in a funk the rest of the day.  Even my roomie/carpool buddy noticed it.  Thats when I decided to skip bodypump today and go tomorrow.  I opted for a run today.  I did the same route I did 2 weeks ago, but in reverse.

I felt SO good while was running. I knew i was moving.  I couldnt wait to get home and check out my RunKeeper app to see my pace.  get home…go to hit “stop”….


yep… NEVER HIT START.  you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  luckily I didn’t get my panties into to much of  a bunch.  I checked the clock before and after my run.  I did 6.5 miles, started at 4:22 pm and finished at 5:12 pm.  I think thats 50 minutes, no? Man… I was pumped about that run.  I felt fast and I felt good.  Those are the best.

I got showered and helped the roomie paint and ate a ghetto grilled cheese for dinner.  Really, it was just an excuse to eat ketchup.

Now I want something sweet .  I already had 2 apples today.

apple a day...

You know how eating too much of some fruit gives you the toots?  Is it the same with apples?  Dare I find out?

Off to drink some peppermint tea and hang with the pups before hitting the hay!     Night Friends ❤



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