Weekends are the Best

Saturday was perfect.

Ladies and Babies

My BFF got her wedding dress (FINALLY!!) and now she HAS to legally become my sister-in-law.  I feel lucky for that one!  We bopped around my town for the day saturday.  I love hanging with my mom, sam and the princess.  It’s one thing on the weekends I always look forward to!

After an hour long nap (luckily for the rest of society I didn’t wake up being a complete bitch, only half a b) I snuck in 50 minutes of cardio at the gym.  I did this one machine that was SO strange.  I mean, I am not saying I would never do it but I definitely felt like people were staring it me because I may or may not have looked like a complete turd on it.  Oh well, I sweat a bunch and that was the goal.  #win

The rest of the night consisted of cooking a version of sweet potato chili for Jlove and hangin with the pups for a bit.

Special dog

Jbone and I went out on the town for a bit, but not for too long.  I had a 7mile run scheduled for nice and early sunday.  More to come on that! I leave you with my stud of a dude enjoying his super manly(?) drink.



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