Fatty Friday

Friday the 13th.  The first day in January I didn’t do ANY physical activity. NONE. zippo.  zilch!   The fact that I did something every day up until now was a total accident.  I either ran or lifted every day and didn’t think anything of it.  Yesterday I didn’t schedule anything, and I wouldn’t have had time to do something even if I wanted to.  I feel a little guilty about it to be honest!  Oh well

After work yesterday I hung out in town since I had dinner plans with a few friends in the area.  To kill some time I visited my sleeping with his eyes opened dad at his office.  Don’t worry, he’s the boss so I guess it’s ok that he is just hangin’.


Then my mom and I went to the food store together.   I only needed a few things and figured they would be ok in my car for a few hours so I got one of my weekend chores done early.

Don't worry, I didn't get that nast meat

My dude and I then went to a friends for some pizza and quality hang out time.  I love low key friday nights the most!

After calling it an early night, I watched Greys Anatomy from Thursday night and Jbone passed out.  Perfect Friday night if you ask me!

Now after stuffing my face like the fatkid i am I am off to bop with my mom and slull, typical saturday that I love!  I hope making it a point to get to the gym for a cardio sesh today.  Long run tomorrow so no running, but I need a sweat session after eating my body weight in pancakes a dense breakfast.

Chocolate + Multigrain = Healthy?

Have a happy Saturday day, I will 🙂



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