Mixin’ it up

Heyooo.   So yesterday I didn’t wake up in time to run.  shocker.   I was planning on going to the gym to try a new interval class in lieu of bodypump since it’s no longer offered Thursday nights.  Nope.  The gym was NOT happening.   Instead I did a mix of a workout.

I ran outside with my roomates dog (awesome running buddy btw) 3.5 miles.  Then I got inside and did the following mash-up of  a workout:

100 jumping jacks (jj)
90 crunches (i mixed up different kinds of crunches)
80 squat jumps
70 mtn climbers
60 jj
50 crunches
40 squat jump
30 mtn climbers
50 jj
20 alternating lunges (count 1 leg or 40 for 2 legs)
10 tuck jump
20 altn lunges (same as above)
60 seconds high knees
10 squat jumps
10 burpees
60 seconds tricep dips
40 sec mtn climbers
25 push ups
25 dips
60 sec plank
10 push ups
10 dips
It took about 20-25 minutes. Not too bad. It got me nice and sweaty.  I was hoping for more of a strength workout.  Tomorrow I will work on more strength than cardio, but I still enjoyed it.
After the mash-up I decided to round out my mileage to an even 6.  I hopped on the treadmill to run another 2.5 miles.  I had some company while I was running.
All in all I would say it was a good workout!
After I got showered and ate dinner I needed ice cream.  Peanut butter crunch yogurt?  YES PLEASE


Its FINALLYYYYY Friday.  I had a horrible night of sleep so it might be a long one

oh hay tiredest eyes

Hope you have a great Friday!



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