Night alone

All day at work today I was mega tired.  I struggled to stay awake on the ride home and when I got home I crashed.

Well, i WANTED to , but the wowies were NOT having it.  Jake just stared at me whining. I love that.

A couple burnt gingerbread cookies and a cup of coffee and I was feeling better.

nom nom

Since my car was in the shop getting fixed, the dogs and I walked to Jbone’s (beau) house to steal his car. What a nice guy, right? ❤


I got home from an unsuccessful mall trip and did house chores…. Cleaned, changed sheets, laundry.

Now I am hanging with the pups just lounging.  I don’t get to do this often enough so I am making sure I really enjoy it!


I recently moved in with a good friend of mine, and as much as i LOVE LOVE LOVE having a roomate it makes me cherish the time i have to just hang alone.  I guess its a good thing that I like hanging alone, that means i am a total freak i must like myself, right?

I wasn’t PLANNING on running tomorrow but thinking about it, I am feeling better so I will attempt 5 miles tomorrow.  who knows if that will happen though.  That would require a 3:45am SHARP wake up call.  Wish me luck!



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