Change of Plans

I went to bed last night feeling ambitious, and planned on running 5 miles.  Well, when my alarm went off my bed was just SO cozy… I couldn’t leave it!  I ended up waking up later than I wanted but I still had enough time to work out.

I got to the treadmill and was NOT in the mood to just run miles, I wanted something different.  I looked on Julie’s blog and saw she had a HARDCORE 25 minute treadmill workout.  PERFECT! I made a few changes since my incline only went to 10 and not 13.  This is what it ended up looking like:

Speedy Hill Workout

(I’m too computer stupid still to know learning how to insert a table so click the link to see what I did)

At work I had some breakfast… oatmeal, chobani, apple, water, coffee, awesome.

lotsa food, lotsa drink

I snuck out for lunch today (SHHHHHHHHH) with this little gem (love her!) 🙂

Not sure what the plan is for tonight.  For sure entertaining the chihuahuas for a while and maybe a visit with a friend?!

till then!



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