Dead Weight

ohkay SO

I went to bodypump last night.  When I was told that the schedule for the month changed. And I can only make BP ONCE A WEEK.  umm….. WTF!  no happy!  So.. in last nights class I decided to be hardcore. I lifted a ton of weight, espeeeecially for my legs.   Well, this morning I was for SURE feeling it!

Total babe at 4:30 am

I got up to run 3 miles on the treadmill before work. It was a killer run AND I went slower. I just wanted to move and loosen my legs.  PSH.  I felt like dead weight.  And now my whole body is spent.  I can feel ALL my muscles are fatigued.

This is day TEN of doing something.  And I still have to walk those crazy dogs when I get home.

Off to eat some food!  Later!


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