2012…better late than never

ok, so what if we are already 9 days into the new year.  I have been keeping track of my workouts on my phone  thus far.  I have a few friends (oh hay Sam and Rita) that blog and I am mildly obsessed with reading blogs so I decided to see if I can maintain a blog to keep myself in check.

With that being said…. I am nine days into the new year and haven’t had a rest day yet.  Now, this is not on purpose…I swear.  Whether it be a treadmill run, outside run, or Bodypump (my newest obsession)… I have done something every day.

Weird, because seeing that I haven’t had a rest day makes me want to take time off.  I am in no way, shape or form feeling like I am over doing it burnt out…So I guess thats a  good thing?

Since I did a longerISH run outside yesterday (6.5 killer miles) I am gonna do some cardio at the gym with Wiggles (aka my roommate aka Kristen aka Wigs) and then take Bodypump.  Throw in a walk with the pups somewhere in there too.  

i usually make the face on the left

I am already trying to talk myself out of doing something, seeing that I have been going for 9 days but I might as well bank it for a day I really don’t feel like working out.


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